CQP-certified shellfish are grown, farmed, and processed in Massachusetts. The rich history of aquaculture in Massachusetts continues to provide consumers with a wide variety of shellfish products from our coastal waters. From the North Shore to Cape Cod, the different regions across Massachusetts produce both subtle and distinctive taste variations. However, by supporting local aquaculture products, you are not only guaranteed quality and freshness; you can also do your part to support our Commonwealth’s economy.

Support Small Businesses!

Did you know that most aquaculture farms in Massachusetts are small or medium-sized businesses? Aquaculture farms in Massachusetts are often forced to sell their shellfish below the market value because of competition from overseas sources, which may not have the regulations that Massachusetts growers follow. Buying CQP-certified local products ensures that you are supporting our businesses and enjoying a safe, high-quality product!

Job Creation

The Aquaculture Industry has been booming over the past few decades to meet the growing demand for fish both across the United States and right here in Massachusetts. Wild fisheries are depleting and simply cannot meet this growing demand. As a result, the aquaculture industry has become an important source of jobs in Massachusetts. By consuming locally grown fish and shellfish, you can help create jobs and support our Commonwealth’s economy.

Supporting Massachusetts Industries

CQP-certified aquaculture farmers are encouraged to support Massachusetts industry by purchasing their gear from within the Commonwealth. Farms with the highest scores have purchased more than 75% of their gear from within Massachusetts. This means that by purchasing from CQP producers you can be sure that you are supporting our Commonwealth’s economy!