Our Farmers

To qualify for the Commonwealth Quality Program, dairy operations must meet a set of fixed criteria, as well as score a minimum of points within the scored criteria sections. You can view the Standards and Score sheet in its entirety by clicking here.

Fixed Criteria

All CQP dairy producers must have valid license that follow the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR), the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Federal Pasteurization Market Order (PMO). Furthermore, all CQP qualifying dairy farms must be compliant with local boards of health requirements and regulations.

Quality of Community Relations

Qualifying dairy sites maintain positive relationships with neighboring communities, as well as with adjacent growers. This involves noise reduction, access requirements, and respecting local interests. Furthermore, CQP regulations encourage dairies to purchase supplies and services in Massachusetts to support our Commonwealth's economy

Quality of Environmental Practices

CQP dairies are aware of and avoid harming protected species that may encounter their operations. In addition, CQP regulations require the maintenance of safety equipment to protect both the producers, the operation, and the natural environment.

Quality of Food Safety

All CQP producers are encouraged to produce and follow Standard Operating Procedures related to dairy health safety. To ensure food safety, a valid copy of registration/certification of audit status must be supplied before receiving CQP-certification.