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Massachusetts is home to a diverse landscape of white pine, hemlock, oak, beech, birch, and maple. Yet only 2% of the wood we use in Massachusetts is grown, harvested, and manufactured within our borders. As a result, we place a greater strain on forested resources around the globe and money that would have come from locally produced forest products does not circulate in our communities.


Our forests can provide us with an abundant natural resource that can be used to grow our local economy and create sustainable jobs. Many of our trees can be manufactured into high quality products including beams, hardwood flooring, furniture, paneling, mulch. Purchasing Massachusetts wood products not only supports local businesses, it connects us with the land and helps us understand the significance of responsibly managing it for the future. Working woodlands help maintain beautiful, healthy forests that sustain local jobs, produce clean drinking water, conserve wildlife habitat, and provide recreational opportunities, but they need your help.













 By supporting local forest based businesses you are making the choice to invest in the future of our forests and our communities. Our producers know that sourcing wood from sustainably managed forests is essential to protecting their livelihood.


So how can you enjoy high quality forest products and peace of mind?














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