Harvest & Gear Requirements












Harvest regulations promote a healthy, sustainable supply of lobsters by protecting immature and oversized lobsters as well as egg-bearing females. The Massachusetts lobster industry maintains strict size requirements, and lobsters that are either too small or too big must be returned to the ocean. Likewise, egg-bearing female lobsters and those capable of bearing eggs must be released.
Lobstermen must equip pots with escape vents to allow sub-legal-sized lobsters to escape, and they must attach biodegradable materials so that marine life may escape in the event a pot is lost rendering it disabled. By observing these and other related provisions, Massachusetts lobstermen help maintain a breeding population and therefore encourage a sustainable supply for the future.

What’s more, our lobstermen are the first in the country to be 100% compliant with whale-safe gear regulations. Because our coastal waters represent an important feeding habitat for protected and endangered whales, Massachusetts lobstermen are required to use 600-pound break-away buoy links and sinking ground lines to ensure the safety of these mammals.
Protecting wildlife and our natural resources - all the more reason to choose Commonwealth Quality lobsters and support our local lobstermen!