1. What happens if my production/harvesting facility doesn’t meet all of the Commonwealth Quality requirements?
Your facility does not have to meet every single requirement. There are fixed criteria, which are mandatory, and scored criteria. Each facility must meet a minimum score to become CQP-certified. If your facility does not meet the minimum score, we can provide professional advice and technical assistance on how you can bring your facility up to CQP standards.

2. How much does an audit cost?
There is currently no charge for the audit, or to become a member of the program. The program is housed at the Department of Agricultural Resources. 

3. Once a business has been certified, how do the consumers know that they are maintaining best practices?
Each CQP-certified business is visited periodically after the initial certification process. That way, you can be sure that CQP producers continue to maintain best management practices.

4. Where can I find CQP-certified products and businesses in my area?
You can find CQP products by using our search engine. Click here, and you can search by product, sector, business, or area.


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