Massachusetts Launches Quality Seal Program
The Packer | June 15, 2011
Massachusetts officials set out in September 2010 to define “locally grown, sustainable food” for consumers. June 15 agricultural commissioner Scott Soares unveiled the state’s first 20 Commonwealth Quality Seal Program farms and said the definition is more specific than it’s ever been.

Quality in the Commonwealth
Edible Vineyard | Jennifer Bender Ferre| Summer 2011
It’s a big concept...looking out over the water at the waves from your beach towel, Frisbee, paperback summer reads and with those lobster rolls stashed in your cooler for a beach picnic. It’s hard to grasp the idea that a robust ocean, this vast ecosystem, is inextricably linked to our food, our health, and the health of the planet. Every day we can make seafood choices that will positively affect or negatively affect this interconnectedness. And now, in Massachusetts there is a program that begins the discussion on sustainable fisheries and best management practices in the field.

Commonwealth Quality
Edible South Shore |Katherine Rossmoore | Winter 2010-2011
The iconic American lobster, found only in the Atlantic from Newfoundland down to Long Island, NY, is one of the world’s most recognizable food items. Unfortunately for Massachusetts’ lobster harvesters, its image has become synonymous with the State of Maine. The Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association, in conjunction with the state’s Department of Agricultural Resources, is hoping to change this scenario by teaming up to promote Massachusetts lobsters as part of its Commonwealth Quality program.

‘Locally Grown’ Gets Bay State’s Seal of Approval
Food Safety News | Michelle Greenhalgh| October 4, 2010
The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) and farm, fishery and forestry leaders this week announced the “Commonwealth Quality” joint initiative, a program to promote local agriculture and help consumers more easily identify products that are produced, harvested, and responsibly processed in the Bay State.

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