Having the seal of Commonwealth Quality on your produce conveys freshness, safety and reliability to consumers. It provides an unspoken guarantee that your products are not only Massachusetts-grown, harvested and tended with care, but that your practices adhere to a top-level set of criteria and environmental standards.
You and Commonwealth Quality. Bringing fresh, safe, sustainably produced high-quality products to consumers.

Application Process

To apply to become a certified Commonwealth Quality business, you’ll need to download, review, complete and submit the CQP Application Package.

Click Here for Application Package

This application package includes the following documents

- Program/Product Registration Form
- Program Requirements
- Self-Audit Checklist
- Exhibit A
- Trademark Agreement
- Document Checklist

Your business must meet all of the outlined requirements for those product lines it wishes to sell under the CQP label. By signing the accompanying certification form, you agree to comply with program standards.
After signing up to become certified for CQP, your facility will be periodically audited to ensure that the Program Requirements are being followed. To sign up for an audit, please click here.

If your facility does not yet meet CQP requirements, there are resources available. If you are interested, please contact the CQP office at 617-626-1721.
If you have questions or input related to registration materials or Commonwealth Quality in general, please contact the CQP program coordinator. All registration materials should be sent to:

Commonwealth Quality Program Coordinator
Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
251 Causeway Street, Suite 500
Boston, MA 02115

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